Digital Consulting in Chicago

Starting with strategy development enables companies to recognize their digital goals and identify the best way to achieve them. Each project and client situation is different, but some of the typical areas we help our clients in include:

Digital Presence Audit

The Digital Presence Audit presents a thorough assessment of your current digital space. We start by looking at what your company has online, what it doesn’t, and how everything is performing. Importantly, we also look at your competitive space, and how the market trending. Finally, we understand your customers (existing and potential) and their preferences and behavior – all important inputs to make the most out of your online efforts.

Digital Strategy Development

We’re strong believers in clearly identifying business strategy before executing projects. Based on the findings of a Digital Presence Audit and your goals, Thread Bit can develop a Digital Strategy that helps you get the most out of your digital assets – starting from identifying what are the right channels for you, to planning how to manage each of them.

Social Media Strategy

Building strong communities on Social Media Networks is good – converting them to customers is better. Thread Bit can help you not only engage your customers on popular networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, but also direct them to become repeat customers and ambassadors.

E-commerce Strategy

Online stores can help you reach customers more efficiently than traditional brick and mortar stores, but successful e-commerce requires a carefully executed strategy based on powerful analytics and tracking. Thread Bit can help you develop a consistent strategy that maximizes online sales for your business.

Online Conversion & Sales Funnel

A big factor for converting visitors to customers is planning out a sales funnel and implementing it in a value-added manner. Thread Bit specializes in developing websites that give your visitors a reason to get in touch with you.

Online & Mobile Advertising Strategy

Online & Mobile advertising present a great opportunity for your company to attract new customers. Thread Bit can help your business set up recurring advertising campaigns with powerful tracking features to make sure your advertising dollars have a strong return on investment.

Localization Strategy & Marketing

While your customers could be global, it is likely a strong percentage of them come from a local market. Getting in front of customers in your region requires specific localization strategies and execution.

Complete Digital Asset Management

The best digital presence is maintained through a synergistic approach. Thread Bit can help you manage all your digital assets in a uniform manner to give customers the best experience possible, letting you focus on your business.

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